Combining in-depth knowledge with exclusive analysis of events and trends affecting the continent. Our team has vast experience in Africa and has an extensive network of contacts from Cape Town to Cairo and from Addis to Accra, which will help us provide fresh commentary presented with wit and style.

We believe there is a growing demand for accurate, incisive information about Africa and we are dedicated to asking the questions that matter and offering, at least, some of the answers.

Your host

Martine Dennis

is our host and she brings 40 years of international broadcast news experience; from reporting the UN in New York, then presenting the BBC World Service’s Focus on Africa from London, presenting South Africa’s Carte Blanche from Johannesburg, to nearly two decades anchoring BBC World TV News from London. Martine has great name recognition globally, and is well-liked in Africa. Most recently, her time at Al Jazeera in Doha was marked by her robust, long- form interviews with leading newsmakers as well as her hosting of a lively, daily panel show.

On each edition of AfricaHere&NOW, Martine will be joined by…

Patrick Smith

Editor of Africa Confidential, the most influential publication about the continent. Patrick regularly traverses Africa and has an unparalleled reservoir of knowledge of events and people. His contacts range from Addis to Accra, from Cairo to Cape Town.

And the renowned Abuja-based journalist and political analyst….

Donu Kogbara

who will pick over the news and offer smart analysis and original commentary with her inimitable wit and style which she displays in her .  weekly column in the Nigerian newspaper, the Vanguard. Donu has worked for well- known media outlets such as the Economist Intelligence Unit, the UK’s Sunday Times newspaper and the BBC